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What Dogs Do & Don’t Understand

Updated: May 28, 2021

Dogs are smart animals. They can learn many commands and dozens of tricks. They can track down humans and animals on very long distances. Hunting dogs can catch you dinner, herding dogs can keep your sheep together and guard dogs can protect you while keeping your property safe from intruders. Dogs can even learn to skateboard. They have the instincts to hide under the bushes when its raining or when there is too much sunshine. They can swim as well as learn to dive to fetch objects from underwater. They are fantastic, one of a kind animals. They love humans more than they love themselves because they show unconditional love; however, there are a few things they don’t understand. One unfortunate thing they don’t understand is that they can get killed by running in front of a car. Another thing they don’t understand is that if they jump out from a truck-bed while the truck is running, they can get killed. That’s why you see many dead dogs on the side of the road.

As humans, we understand the dangers that dogs don't. We should protect our dogs from being killed by cars.

1. When you see a stray dog running on the side of the road or crossing the road, please slow down or stop. You can honk your horn to scare them away or even open your window and yell at them in hopes that they will run away. Since we understand that dogs are not aware of being killed by the cars, we should try to prevent an unfavorable outcome.

2. If you want to take your dog for a ride on the back of your truck, always tie him up in the middle of the truck. This ensures that your dog can’t jump out of the running truck and get killed. There is a penalty in California if you don’t adhere to this practice and I support this law. Dogs are wonderful creatures; unfortunately, many people are ignorant.

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