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To Roam or Not To Roam?

Dogs like to enjoy free time, but one thing that is more important for them is to be with their master, or their family. Dogs are pack animals so they thrive within a pack or even a mixed human-dog pack. Even if you are unable to play with your dog all the time, dogs love being around their master. For example, if you work on the computer, your dog just wants to hang out together. A dog’s master is a dogs whole universe.

A dog waits for his master to come home and take him for a walk. A dog can wait all day and they live for the moment when they get to be with their guardian again. If you go to work for eight hours and leave your dog at home, you don’t need to feel guilty because dogs sleep more hours than humans. We are lucky if we sleep five to six hours a night but dogs sleep fifteen to twenty hours throughout the day and night; not continuously, but they sleep that many hours. A healthy adult dog is able to hold his pee for eight to twelve hours.

The other day someone called us and asked for a puppy. The person on the phone told me he has ten acres which leaves plenty of room for a dog to roam. Dogs don’t really care that much about roaming when compared to horses. Most dogs are OK in an apartment, if their guardian takes them out at least twice a day for a walk. Dogs want to be with you, as a part of the family. This is why many police officers and security guards take their service dogs home. On top of this, their dogs give extra protection at home, hahaha.

On the other hand, locking dogs in a kennel full-time or chaining a dog to the doghouse isn't a good idea. The dogs will become depressed because they are missing human or other dog interaction. Another potential problem that may occur is that they will get over-aggressive from frustration from his caged life.

Two beautiful dogs and a cat relaxing
The whole family

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