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Raw Diet vs Processed Diet

If your selected breeder feeds their dogs kibble, you should run away. Kibble is known to cause various health problems. Before dog food was invented, dogs didn’t have cancer, epilepsy, seizures, bloated stomachs, depression, mental problems, brain damage, loss of orientation, allergies, skin problems and any other health problems. Wild wolves and coyotes still don’t have any of the problems listed above. The one differentiation between wild dgos and family dogs is that wild dogs don’t eat kibble. Where does the problem lie? The answer is: commercial dog food.

When I think of kibble, I consider it to be on the same level as garbage. Would you serve a plate of garbage to your best friend? I wouldn't. Since your dog is your best friend, actually even better than a best friend because dogs love unconditionally, I think that our dogs should be treated with the same amount of thought as a best friend.

For those who don’t believe that all commercial dog food is nothing more than garbage which is made of human waste, road kill and sick animals, sawdust, rocks, sand and mud from the river as a filler (so it weighs more), search YouTube using these keywords “dog food rendering”. You will find more than a dozen videos about dog food and the processes that it goes through. Dog food manufacturers lie to us. They can do whatever they want because nobody controls them. They are ruled by money rather than helping your pet.

They should be all put behind the bars for what they do to our dogs. You should ask yourself these questions: How many recalls occurred? How many dogs have died? They brainwash their customers into buying their "special" food with flashy commercials full of bull and lies. Watch all the videos so that you're informed.


Muscular (Raw Diet) Fat (Processed Diet)

Muscular dog
A dog with a raw diet
Fat dog
A dog fed processed food

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