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What We Offer

  • Board and Training Bootcamp

  • Private Lessons

  • Personal Protection Training

  • Protection Trained Dogs For Sale


Services Offered:

* Aggression * Demanding attention * Barking * Biting * Chewing * Crate training * Digging * Jumping * Leash pulling * Obedience training/listening * Potty Training * Separation anxiety * Rushing the door to visitors and barking at the door bell * Protection training

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Why Board & Training School is the best solution for your dog or puppy?

Many people choose private lessons in their home. That's good, very good, but then they either expect a miracle or think that their dog will be trained after one or two lessons. No, that will never happen. It will take weeks or months to train a dog. Another common scenario is that the owner gets busy or the trainer gets busy so the schedule will not be maintainable. After this occurs, the owner will hire another trainer. But again, this will only be for one or two lessons so their dog will never get properly trained. This leads to behavior problems never becoming solved. Basic obedience is a must for any dog. Only after this initial step, can one start solving other problems. 


Yes, we train dogs for protection! 

  • Personal Protection

  • Advanced Protection

  • Police dogs

  • Guard Dogs

Advanced Protection, guarding a car

A visual representation of protection training


Dee Dee with a beautiful German Shepherd

Hi I am Dante, in dog’s world better known as “Dee Dee.” or Dee Dogman. I have over 30 years of experience training dogs. I do not use E-Collar for training. However 98% of today’s dog trainers are using Electric Collar for training fogs. The truth behind the shock collar is it creates stress and fear in your dog. Both of these are counterproductive to learning. Many breeds like GSDs, Rottweilers, Dobermans get even more aggressive, or get permanently aggressive after getting electric shocks.


As I mentioned before, I have over 30 years of experience training a range of dogs from little spoiled house dogs to aggressive pitbulls to police dogs. I understand dog psychology. I can fix any issues what dog may have.
I rehabilitate and re-train dogs, after a bad trainer didn’t train them correctly.
Any dog is trainable, if you know how. And I know how. 

5 weeks rehabilitation of GSD Sandy



Advanced Car Protection


Top Quality Dog Breeder

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