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Because we are different. We care because we love dogs. With this in mind, we feed our dogs the best diet possible. This diet consists of raw meat, vegetables, berries, and human grade supplements for the best health results. Due to a nearly raw diet, their poop is very small and solid. Our dogs are as healthy as they can be. Their coats are shiny, their brain is healthy and sharp, and their body is very muscular, even though they aren't exercising intensely. Our dogs and puppies are always happy and maintain quick, immediate reactions to commands.


We have one of the best German Shepherd lineages available to breed from and the best German Shepherd puppies available for purchase. We select only the best and smartest German Shepherd Dogs, GSDs, to be imported from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and East Germany for our customers and for our breeding program.
We absolutely love dogs! We rescue dogs, retrain dogs, and even rehabilitate dogs when their prior training has not been on par. Our dogs enjoy part of the day outside and part of the day inside so they always have something to look forward to.
We are located in sunny Arizona where sunshine is 360 days a year. With so much sun per year, there is plenty of vitamin D which is good for dogs and humans alike.

Send all inquiries to:

Attn. to Dee Dee
Ph: 1-480-869-2010
Text only please! Let us know how we can be of service and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Dee Dee with a beautiful German Shepherd


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